Attention explorers! The animals of the wild have been mysteriously displaced from their natural habitats. Your first challenge is at the Great Grizzly Den.

After Puzzle #1

Excellent! The Great Grizzly Den mystery is solved. Now, follow the call of the wild to the Howling Wolf Cliff.

After Puzzle #2

Brilliant work! The Howling Wolf Cliff puzzle is solved. Your next destination is the Majestic Eagle’s Peak.

After Puzzle #3

Fantastic! You’ve solved the puzzle at Majestic Eagle’s Peak. Now, venture deeper into the wilderness to the Whistling Dolphin Bay.

After Puzzle #4

You’re doing an amazing job! Your final challenge awaits you in the Chirping Chimpanzee Forest.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Well done! You’ve restored all the animals to their rightful habitats. As a token of gratitude, the animals of the wild have bestowed upon you the title of “Protector of the Wild”. Great job, explorers!