Welcome, adventurers! The birthday quest begins now. Your first challenge awaits in the Puzzle Plaza.

After Puzzle #1

Great start, adventurers! You’ve conquered the Puzzle Plaza. Now journey to the Riddle Roundabout, where the next challenge awaits.

After Puzzle #2

Brilliant work! You’ve navigated the Riddle Roundabout successfully. Prepare to face your next challenge in the Conundrum Courtyard.

After Puzzle #3

Good job! You’ve solved the Conundrum Courtyard. Now, travel to the Enigma Estate, where your next puzzle awaits.

After Puzzle #4

Well done! You’ve cracked the Enigma Estate. One final challenge remains in the Puzzle Palace. Are you ready?

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, adventurers! You’ve mastered the Puzzle Palace and completed the birthday quest. The ultimate birthday surprise is yours to enjoy. Let the celebrations begin!