Welcome to the glamorous world of Bachelorette Bonanza! Your first challenge? Decode the Diamond Dilemma and move one step closer to the treasure.

After Puzzle #1

Fabulous! You’ve decoded the Diamond Dilemma. Next, dazzle your way through the Glittering Gallery.

After Puzzle #2

Brilliant! You’ve shone in the Glittering Gallery. Now, strut your stuff at the Catwalk Conundrum.

After Puzzle #3

You’re on fire! The Catwalk Conundrum was no match for you. Now, dazzle at the Puzzle of Pizzazz.

After Puzzle #4

Just one challenge left! Are you ready to shine at the Starlight Spectacle and uncover the secret treasure?

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations! You’ve outshone