Congratulations on your big day! But wait, it seems the door to your bridal suite is locked! Your first challenge begins here, don’t be late to your own wedding!

After Puzzle #1

Wonderful! You’ve found the first key. But there’s more to do. The next puzzle awaits in the room of mirrors.

After Puzzle #2

Fantastic work! You’ve managed to navigate the room of mirrors. Now onto the wardrobe of whispers for the next challenge.

After Puzzle #3

Excellent! You’ve navigated the wardrobe of whispers. Your next challenge awaits in the boudoir of bouquets.

After Puzzle #4

Splendid! You’ve solved the boudoir of bouquets’ puzzle. Your final challenge awaits in the chamber of charms.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve solved all the puzzles and escaped the bridal suite. Now, it’s time for the ceremony. Best wishes on your new journey!