Welcome to Classroom Conundrum! The school hides a secret treasure, but only by solving a series of abstract puzzles can your team unlock it. Get ready to take on the first puzzle!

After Puzzle #1

Excellent work! You’ve solved the first puzzle and taken the first step towards finding the treasure. Onwards to the next challenge!

After Puzzle #2

Fantastic! The second puzzle has been solved. You’re getting closer to the treasure. The next puzzle awaits!

After Puzzle #3

Bravo! You’ve successfully navigated through the third puzzle. Your journey continues with the next challenge!

After Puzzle #4

You’re on the verge of success! Only one puzzle remains between your team and the hidden treasure. Take a deep breath and dive into the final puzzle!

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations! Your team has successfully solved all puzzles and uncovered the secret treasure. The classroom’s mystery has been solved, thanks to your combined efforts!