Welcome, troubleshooters! Cupid’s arrows have gone missing, and without them, there’s no romance on Valentine’s Day. Your search begins at the Love Letter Library.

After Puzzle #1

Great job, troubleshooters! You’ve found the first clue in the Love Letter Library. Your next challenge awaits you at the Chocolate Chateau.

After Puzzle #2

Excellent work in the Chocolate Chateau! Your next challenge awaits in the Rose Garden Realm.

After Puzzle #3

Brilliant deduction in the Rose Garden Realm! Now, take your quest to the Sweetheart Summit.

After Puzzle #4

Almost there, troubleshooters! You’ve triumphed over the Sweetheart Summit. The final challenge awaits you in Cupid’s Quiver Quarry.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, troubleshooters! You’ve found Cupid’s arrows and saved Valentine’s Day! The world celebrates as love is once again in the air, all thanks to your teamwork and problem-solving skills.