Welcome, adventurers! The Diwali lanterns have disappeared, casting a shadow over the Festival of Lights. Your adventure begins in the Sweets Shop of Secrets.

After Puzzle #1

Wonderful job, adventurers! You’ve discovered the first clue in the Sweets Shop of Secrets. The next clue awaits you in the Bazaar of Brightness.

After Puzzle #2

Excellent work in the Bazaar of Brightness! Your next challenge lies within the Temple of Treasures.

After Puzzle #3

Fantastic! You’ve uncovered the secrets of the Temple of Treasures. Now, venture into the Palace of Puzzles.

After Puzzle #4

So close, adventurers! You’ve solved the Palace of Puzzles. The final puzzle is hidden in the Diya Den.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, adventurers! You’ve found the missing lanterns and restored the Festival of Lights! The lamps glow brightly, casting a beautiful light on the celebrations thanks to your teamwork and problem-solving skills.