Welcome, historians! The Dragon Dance manuscript has mysteriously disappeared, putting the Chinese New Year celebration at risk. Your quest begins in the Lantern Lane.

After Puzzle #1

Well done, historians! You’ve found the first clue in the Lantern Lane. Your next challenge is in the Firecracker Field.

After Puzzle #2

Brilliant deduction in the Firecracker Field! Your next challenge lies within the Zodiac Zenith.

After Puzzle #3

Excellent work in the Zodiac Zenith! Your next task is to decipher the riddles in the Fortune Cookie Forest.

After Puzzle #4

Almost there, historians! You’ve cracked the Fortune Cookie Forest. The final clue is hidden within the Great Wall Gateway.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, historians! You’ve restored the Dragon Dance manuscript and saved the Chinese New Year! The dragon dancers perform with gusto, the red lanterns glow with life, and the celebrations can continue thanks to your teamwork and problem-solving skills.