Welcome to the enchanted realm! An evil witch has drained the land of its magic. Your mission? Solve her puzzles to break the spell! The first riddle awaits you in the Whispering Woods.

After Puzzle #1

Well done! You’ve solved the first puzzle in the Whispering Woods. Next, venture into the Glowing Grove. It glimmers with leftover magic and houses your next challenge.

After Puzzle #2

Excellent work! The Glowing Grove has revealed its secrets to you. Now, navigate the Trickling Torrents to uncover the third piece of the magic restoration puzzle.

After Puzzle #3

Fantastic! The Trickling Torrents gave up their magic piece. Now, journey into the heart of the Enchanted Glade. Here, another puzzle woven with magic waits for you.

After Puzzle #4

Only one piece left! The final challenge awaits you in the Shimmering Sanctuary, a place of ancient magic. Can you solve the final riddle and restore magic to the realm?

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations! You’ve successfully restored magic to the realm! The creatures of the forest thank you for your bravery. You leave the realm as heroes, celebrated in songs of the mystical creatures!