Welcome to the Glamour Gala! A world of fashion and glitz awaits you, but the show can’t go on until you solve the puzzles! Get ready for the first one!

After Puzzle #1

Fantastic! The first puzzle is complete and you are one step closer to saving the show. The next puzzle awaits you!

After Puzzle #2

Excellent work! You’ve cracked the second puzzle. Continue on this path and the show will go on. Next puzzle, here you come!

After Puzzle #3

Wonderful! You’ve solved the third puzzle. The Grand Fashion Show is closer to being saved. Brace yourself for the next puzzle!

After Puzzle #4

Just one step away! The final puzzle is all that stands between you and a successful Gala.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations! You’ve solved all puzzles and saved the Grand Fashion Show. The world of glamour is grateful for your efforts!