Welcome, friends, to the magical Horse Haven. Our magical horses have lost their magic and need your help. Your first task awaits at the Sparkling Stable.

After Puzzle #1

Well done! You’ve solved the first task and some magic has been restored. Now, journey to the Enchanted Field for your next challenge.

After Puzzle #2

Excellent! The Enchanted Field shimmers with returning magic. Now, it’s off to the Glistening Grove where another task awaits.

After Puzzle #3

Marvelous! The Glistening Grove shines once more. Your next task waits at the Radiant River.

After Puzzle #4

Great work! The Radiant River glows with renewed magic. Your final task awaits you at the Majestic Meadow.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Incredible! The Majestic Meadow is filled with magic once more. Thanks to you and your team, magic has been restored to Horse Haven!