Welcome, explorers, to the heart of the untamed wilderness. Your first challenge awaits you in the Temple of the Tiger.

After Puzzle #1

Excellent work, explorers! You’ve retrieved the first statue from the Temple of the Tiger. Your next challenge awaits in the Python’s Pit.

After Puzzle #2

Well done! You’ve outsmarted the Python’s Pit and claimed another statue. Your next challenge lies within the Crocodile’s Cove.

After Puzzle #3

Great job! You’ve retrieved the statue from the Crocodile’s Cove. Now, brace yourselves for the Parrot’s Perch.

After Puzzle #4

Almost there! You’ve secured the statue from the Parrot’s Perch. Your final challenge awaits in the Monkey’s Mound.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, explorers! You’ve retrieved all the sacred animal statues and brought harmony back to the jungle! The animals thank you for your bravery and cleverness.