Congratulations, newlyweds! But it seems your friends have prepared a surprise for you. The exit door is locked and the key is hidden somewhere. Time to solve the first puzzle!

After Puzzle #1

Brilliant! You’ve solved the first puzzle, but the journey is just starting. Make your way to the gift gallery for your next challenge.

After Puzzle #2

Fantastic! You’ve unraveled the gift gallery’s mystery. But there’s no time to rest, the riddle room is waiting.

After Puzzle #3

Marvelous! The riddle room didn’t stand a chance against you two. Now, it’s time to face the enigma of the entwined hearts.

After Puzzle #4

Amazing! You’ve deciphered the enigma of the entwined hearts. One final challenge remains in the chamber of vows.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Spectacular! You’ve conquered the chamber of vows and unlocked the exit door. Enjoy your honeymoon and the start of your happily ever after!