In the enchanted kingdom under the sea, harmony has been disrupted as the Melody Crown has lost its magical pearls. The mermaids need your team’s help to recover them! The first puzzle awaits you at the Seahorse Stables.

After Puzzle #1

Brilliant! You’ve discovered the first pearl in the Seahorse Stables. Next, journey to the Singing Seaweed Forest, where another pearl lies hidden behind a musical mystery.

After Puzzle #2

Fantastic! The second pearl has been found amongst the Singing Seaweed. Your journey now takes you to the Clam Castle, where a rhythmical riddle guards the next pearl.

After Puzzle #3

Incredible! The Clam Castle has released its pearl. You must now explore the Echoing Caves, where an echoic enigma conceals the fourth pearl.

After Puzzle #4

Excellent! You’ve unearthed the fourth pearl from the Echoing Caves. Now, make your way to the final location, the Dancing Dolphins Bay. Here, the last and most complex puzzle awaits.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations! With the final pearl secured, the Melody Crown glows once more. The mermaids celebrate your team as the saviors of the Mermaid Kingdom. Harmony is restored, and the ocean rings with a beautiful melody once more.