Welcome to the enigmatic world of the Mystery Masters. Your detective team has been summoned to solve a thrilling mystery that has puzzled the town. Clues and intrigue await you at every corner, starting at the old mansion, where the first puzzle awaits.

After Puzzle #1

Brilliant deduction! You’ve managed to unravel the secrets of the old mansion and now have your first clue. But the mystery only deepens. Your next destination is the town library, where the second puzzle awaits among the dusty tomes.

After Puzzle #2

Splendid work! You’ve navigated through the labyrinth of the library and have the second clue. Your investigation takes you next to the town clock tower. Can your team solve the puzzle amidst its rhythmic ticks?

After Puzzle #3

Excellent! The clock tower’s enigma has been solved, and now the mystery is unfolding. Your next clue lies in the eerie lighthouse at the edge of town. Can your team shine a light on its cryptic puzzle?

After Puzzle #4

Just one final clue left! Your investigation takes you to the town’s old cemetery. Amidst the quiet gravestones, the last, most challenging puzzle awaits. Are you ready to face it?

After Puzzle #5: Finale

You’ve done it! Your team of detectives has cracked the case and the town mystery has been solved! The townsfolk are eternally grateful and dub you the ‘Mystery Masters’. You’ve left your mark on the town, and its mystery-filled history!