Ahoy, mates! The legendary Pirate’s Plunder has been stolen by ghostly sea creatures. As the bravest crew on the seven seas, your first challenge awaits at Skull Island.

After Puzzle #1

Well done, crew! Skull Island’s secrets have yielded the first piece of the map. The next piece is hidden at the Serpent Sea, where another puzzle awaits.

After Puzzle #2

Shiver me timbers, you’ve done it! The Serpent Sea couldn’t hold its secrets from you. Now hoist the anchor and set sail for Ghostly Grotto!

After Puzzle #3

Bravo! You’ve outsmarted the ghosts of the Grotto. Now, brave the winds and sail to Davy Jones’s Locker for your next challenge.

After Puzzle #4

By the beard of Neptune, you’ve done it again! The final piece of the map lies in the treacherous waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, brave crew! The Pirate’s Plunder is yours once again! As your ship sails off into the sunset, songs of your bravery echo across the seven seas.