The annual Princess Parade in the grand fairytale kingdom has been halted! The magic keys that start the parade have been stolen. Your team has been called to retrieve them. Your first puzzle awaits you at the Enchanted Orchards.

After Puzzle #1

Splendid! The Enchanted Orchards bore the first key. Now journey on to the Majestic Mountain, where the next puzzle guards the second key.

After Puzzle #2

Wonderful! The Majestic Mountain has given up its key. The journey now takes you to the Fairy Fountain, where the third key is hidden behind an enchanting enigma.

After Puzzle #3

Remarkable! You’ve retrieved the third key from the Fairy Fountain. Now, travel to the Whispering Woods, where another puzzle awaits.

After Puzzle #4

Spectacular! The Whispering Woods has given up its key. The last key resides at the Royal Castle, but beware, the last puzzle is the most challenging.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, noble team! The Princess Parade can finally commence, thanks to your bravery and wit. As a reward, the princesses invite you to join in the parade, and the kingdom celebrates your success!