Welcome, explorers! The Jack-o’-lanterns have mysteriously gone missing right before Halloween. Your search begins in the eerie Pumpkin Patch.

After Puzzle #1

Good job, explorers! You’ve discovered the first clue in the Pumpkin Patch. Now, onto the haunting Broomstick Bog.

After Puzzle #2

Brilliant navigation through Broomstick Bog! Your next riddle is hidden in the Goblin Grove.

After Puzzle #3

Excellent work in Goblin Grove! Now, venture into the spooky Spiderweb Spire.

After Puzzle #4

You’re doing excellently! You’ve navigated through the Spiderweb Spire. The final puzzle awaits you in the Ghoul’s Grotto.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, explorers! You’ve solved the Pumpkin Puzzle and saved Halloween! The town’s Jack-o’-lanterns glow with life, lighting up the faces of the happy trick-or-treaters.