You are about to say your vows when you realize your friends have arranged an unexpected surprise. The reception hall doors are locked! The key? Hidden behind a series of puzzles all themed around rings and roses.

After Puzzle #1

Excellent! You’ve navigated the ring riddles with ease. Now, step into the garden of roses for the next puzzle.

After Puzzle #2

Well done! You’ve solved the rose riddles. Now, head to the hall of hearts where the next challenge awaits.

After Puzzle #3

Outstanding! The hall of hearts posed no problem for you. The next puzzle awaits in the aisle of vows.

After Puzzle #4

Wonderful! You’ve navigated the aisle of vows. Your final challenge awaits in the chapel of love.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

You’ve done it! Congratulations, you’ve solved all the challenges and opened the reception hall doors. Time to celebrate your love!