Attention, Space Explorers! The night sky has lost its stars, and it’s up to your team to bring them back. Your first mission starts at the Orion Nebula.

After Puzzle #1

Stellar job! You’ve navigated through the Orion Nebula and solved the first puzzle. Now, set a course for the vast expanse of the Andromeda Galaxy.

After Puzzle #2

Incredible! The Andromeda Galaxy’s enigma has been solved. Now prepare for a quantum leap to the Black Hole, where another challenge awaits.

After Puzzle #3

Brilliant! You’ve tamed the Black Hole. Now venture into the great unknown - the event horizon - for your next cosmic challenge.

After Puzzle #4

You’re doing a universe of good! Your final mission is to decode the enigma of the Milky Way Galaxy.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Hooray! The universe is once again aglow with starlight. As you journey back to Earth, the entire cosmos resonates with your success. Well done, Star Gazer!