Welcome, detectives! The Independence Day celebration is upon us, but the fireworks have mysteriously disappeared. Your mission begins at the City Park.

After Puzzle #1

Excellent work, detectives! You’ve found the first clue. Now, your next task awaits you at the Parade Route.

After Puzzle #2

Great job at the Parade Route! Your next clue is hidden in the Picnic Plains.

After Puzzle #3

Good work, detectives! You’ve unearthed another clue at the Picnic Plains. Now, it’s time to search the Fireworks Factory.

After Puzzle #4

Amazing work! You’ve found another clue in the Fireworks Factory. One final challenge awaits at the Liberty Lake.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, detectives! You’ve found the fireworks and saved the Independence Day celebration! The crowd cheers as the sky lights up with a dazzling display, all thanks to your teamwork and problem-solving skills.