Welcome aboard, astronauts! The fabric of space has been disturbed, and our universe is losing its stars. Your first challenge awaits you on the Planet of Puzzles.

After Puzzle #1

Stellar work, astronauts! You’ve solved the puzzles on the Planet of Puzzles. Next, make your way to the Nebula of Numbers.

After Puzzle #2

Excellent navigation! You’ve made it through the Nebula of Numbers. Prepare for your next challenge in the Galaxy of Glyphs.

After Puzzle #3

Great job! You’ve deciphered the Galaxy of Glyphs. Now, venture into the unknown in the Expanse of Enigmas.

After Puzzle #4

You’re doing brilliantly! You’ve mastered the Expanse of Enigmas. One last challenge remains in the Void of Variables.

After Puzzle #5: Finale

Congratulations, astronauts! You’ve realigned the stars and saved the universe from eternal darkness. The universe thanks you for your bravery and ingenuity.