Escape Team: Award-winning digital-physical escape room game now available in <Your Language>



I'm reaching out to pitch our (my wife, Sarah, and I are creating it together) game: Escape Team.

I think it's best to let it introduce itself:

It's a printable, app-driven escape room game.

Here are some key facts:

-It’s printable at home, so it can be played spontaneously and puts great emphasis on physical collaboration.
-The phone plays only a side role, acting as the game master and code checker, keeping track of the time and playing the audio narration.
-The first missions are free, while later ones are available as cheap in-app purchases. We hate ads, so none are displayed in the app at any point.

At one point, Sarah’s brother, Patrick, asked me: “That’s great — can I also create a mission myself?”

So we created the Escape Team Mission Editor:

-Anyone can create their own escape room missions. It’s free, as are all user-created missions that the creators have made public.
-It’s actively being used for birthday parties, team building and educational purposes:
-We also have an Escape Room DIY Starter Kit including some puzzles to help people get started:

If you’re interested in covering it, that would be amazing! Of course, I'd be happy to answer some questions via email or in a short call. 

All the best, and thank you!