About Us

Hi, we’re Sarah and Fabian.

We love escape rooms.

Unfortunately, we have very busy friends, and going to an escape room needs planning. So a couple of years ago, we thought: ‘What if we made a printable escape room?’ — and Escape Team was born.

Sarah is an educator and a learning therapist, Fabian is a professor of Interface and UX design. We crafted the first set of puzzles, wrote the story, recorded the audio narration – and wrote the app.

After a couple of months, the first test rounds took place. And they took us back to the drawing board… but after refining the puzzles, honing the hints and some final polishing, the day had come: we launched the app.

A hit right from the beginning, Escape Team is now growing into a platform for escape room experiences, with a great community of creators who use our Mission Editor to create new missions – for their businesses, for fun — and, most importantly, for education.

And as with all ideas: it’s great to see it grow up and helping people to have a good time.

So, please, continue to send us photos of your groups, playing Escape Team!