Escape Team in Education 

Defusing a ticking bomb in history class? Saving innocent lives by figuring out a chemical formula before time runs out?

Escape rooms are a great form of immersive learning – and we love seeing how Escape Team is often used for this very purpose.


If you’re an educator planning an escape room experience for your students, Escape Team is here to help you. Here are some resources that may come in handy:

Apple MDM Support

Escape Team’s missions are usually available as in-app purchases. However, in-app purchases can be problematic for classroom use, especially when using Apple MDM to manage the devices.

To enable Escape Team for classroom use with Apple MDM, we created a special version of the Escape Team app: `Escape Team MDM’. It has all missions unlocked from the start and no in-app purchases.

It is also applicable for discounts via Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Note that you’ll only need one device running Escape Team per group of four students, as Escape Team is the most fun in teams of that size.